Our Process

Phase I: Discovery

During our initial meeting, we simply get to know each other. Goals? Dreams? Concerns? What are your expectations from a Financial Advisor? Is there a fit in philosophy?

Phase II: Strategy

The Objective of this phase is to develop a long-term wealth management strategy, which takes into consideration investment, tax and estate planning. We consult with your Accountant/Attorney to coordinate all aspects of your financial future. We then recommend a strategy utilizing asset allocation, tax efficiency, and professional money managers.

Phase III: Implementation

The Objective of this phase is to successfully implement the client’s wealth management strategy. We oversee this entire process to ensure all priorities are actively put in place. With your approval, we initiate the investment management process at this time.

Phase IV: Monitoring* and Adjusting

Once the plan has been implemented, it is our responsibility to monitor every aspect of our client’s wealth management strategy on an ongoing basis. A plan must be re-evaluated on a regular basis to help assure your goals and objectives are continually addressed. We will schedule regular portfolio review meetings to discuss the various issues you face.

*Monitoring of accounts refers to advisory accounts only.

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